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Full Body Workout 15 Minutes HIIT with Kettlebell

Today’s Full Body Workout Workout with Kettlebell is a great way to burn calories and get your heart rate up in a short time.

You can do this workout with Kettlebell or, you can use dumbbells .

The goal is to keep that body moving and maintain proper form throughout the entire workout. Never push through any severe pain – stop, rest or make adjustments as needed. Be patient and consistent with your workouts and you will progress a little day by day!

15 Minutes HIIT Full Body Workout with Kettlebell

// Breakdown // 30s Work + 30s Rest

One arm Kettlebell Swing One-leg deadlift Side lounge with Kettlebell Reverse Lounge with rowing Chest Press

Deadlift Burpee

Toe Taps

Russian Twist


Repeat for 2 rounds total!

If you like video leave comment, like and share. #trainwithpaulina

// Watch The Full Length Video //

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