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My first 5 km run in Berlin - Groupius Lauf

Last Sunday (02.07.2017) I had opportunity to run in Groupius Lauf organised by

Gropius Passagen. My main goal was to improve my personal record(Tarnowskie Gory run- 5 km -29 min) for 5 km and have a great time together with the team who was running in relay race(Tim, Timo, Melissa, Max). Landscape of the route was in surrounding of Britz arround shopping mal Groupius Passagen. Participants could choose 2,5km, 5km, 10km or relay race 4x2.5km. Groupius Lauf was supporting runners for any background, age, religion and abilities.

My personal record was 26:31 min which gave me 8th place among Women.

This Sunday I saw father with son running together and also parents taking part in relay race with their Pram. Usually when you are taking part in races there is always feeling of a big competition but this time it was different. I would take part in next year also.

My next run would happen on 12.08.17 in Posen at Runmageddon obstacle race.

Stay tuned for the next coverage!

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