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How the Fitness Benefits of CBD Oil Will Improve Your Overall Health

CBD – you’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve tried it, but did you know about the fitness benefits of CBD oil? Scientifically known as Cannabidiol, CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s commonly known to help reduce anxiety, pain, insomnia, lower blood pressure, and improve focus. One of its biggest draws is how it helps speed up the recovery process after working out, such as supporting muscle recovery.

As a personal trainer and Bootcamp instructor, I was very interested in testing out the fitness benefits of CBD oil. I decided to try New Garden’s Lab, a health and wellness company focusing on high-quality CBD and hemp products. They have stores in California and Germany, with two concept stores in Berlin and Hamburg. I was intrigued by their holistic approach and wide range of products. I decided to try their Autumn blend, which has a mild pumpkin flavor. Ready on to see if CBD is right for you and the benefits I received from using CBD oil every day.

Fitness Benefits of CBD Oil

Reducing Pain and Inflammation

There are multiple ways in which CBD can benefit your fitness routine, but one of its major draws is in reducing pain and inflammation. Anyone who works out regularly knows that sore muscles are a common occurrence. Not only do they slow the recovery process, but the inflammatory process affects muscles and joints that aren't damaged. It has now been tested that using CBD lotion or oil after your workout can actually help reduce inflammation.

According to Daily CBD, “CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory because it works through multiple pathways. By doing this, CBD halts the inflammatory process at several different points in the process”. NSAIDs like Ibuprofen are a common way to deal with post-workout pain but are actually less effective than CBD since it only inhibits one enzyme, compared to CBD that inhibits multiple enzymes. This means that you can soothe your achy muscles and get back to your workout routine faster than ever.

It’s important to note that CBD comes in a variety of forms. Such as creams, capsules, sprays, and more. Make sure you’re buying third-party tested CBD. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate it, you could end up purchasing a product that is more or less potent than stated. It could even have small amounts of THC (the cannabinoid responsible for getting you high).

Suggestion: See the fitness benefits of CBD oil in action during my Outdoor Bootcamp Classes

Helping With Weight Loss

There are many products and programs offering quick and easy weight loss treatments, but using CBD may be one that actually works. Although there is little research on this area, there is some evidence to prove it can help you shed some extra pounds. According to Daily CBD, “CBD works through other systems in the body to return to an optimal state of health, which includes our bodyweight”. This means that by incorporating CBD into a healthy routine can help you lose weight since your body is in a better position internally to lose weight.

There is evidence stating that CBD oil doesn’t help you lose weight, but if you look at the research closely you can see that it helps aid in the ability to lose weight rather than being a “quick fix”. A big fitness benefit of CBD oil is how it lowers your appetite. This is an important step in losing weight, and if it’s a common problem for you then CBD could help with your weight loss journey. Just make sure to use full-spectrum CBD extracts as it includes other chemicals that can help with weight loss. New Garden’s Lab has a few options of Herbliz full-spectrum oils that I would highly recommend.

How to use CBD oil in food

1. Don’t overheat it

CBD oil is not a cooking oil so make sure you don’t heat it above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s better to mix it into vinaigrettes or use it as a finishing oil.

2. Pair it with foods that will enhance its natural flavor

Beware that CBD oil has a very earthy and natural taste. Luckily, companies are coming out with different flavors to make it more enjoyable. For example, the New Garden Lab has a lemon and olive flavor that is great for cooking.

3. Pair it with fatty acids

CBD oil binds to fatty acids well, so the loss of concentration is limited while digesting. Fatty acids are found in most fats, oils, and in some foods such as coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, fish, nuts, avocado, meat, and eggs.

What dose of CBD Oil Should I take?

CBD is commonly marked as safe to use, but it can be hard to know how much to actually take. Although a human could tolerate up to 1,500 mg per day you don’t need to use that high of a dose. According to Men’s Health, “one rule of thumb is 1-6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight based on pain levels. Another is to start with 5-10mg per day and increase by 5-10mg until you feel relief.”

To see the maximum fitness benefits from CBD oil, make sure to find the dose that works for you, and then use it consistently. Most people prefer to apply CBD oil after their workout as they feel instant results. Don’t forget to also drink lots of water and stretch!

As with anything you plan to put in your body though, it’s important to consult with your doctor first to find a plan and a dose that works for you. If you take other medicines or have any chronic illnesses, consulting with your doctor is even more important.

My Experience with CBD Oil

Thanks to all the reviews from people raving about the benefits of CBD, I wanted to try it myself to see if I noticed a difference in my workouts. I tried New Garden Lab’s Herbliz Herbstmischung CBD Öl 5% for 14 days to decrease muscle pain, increase my concentration, and reduce my anxiety caused by COVID-19. At the beginning of my trial, I felt more tired and dehydrated but once my body adjusted I started to see the benefits. I felt less anxious in stressful situations (there have been a few thanks to COVID-19) and I definitely had less muscle pain. I was also pleasantly surprised to notice a decrease in cravings for sweets and a decrease in my appetite. Overall, I felt more balanced and it also improved my concentration. Thanks to these benefits, I will definitely continue to use New Garden’s CBD oil and recommend it to my clients so they can experience the fitness benefits of CBD oil during my weekly Bootcamps and Personal Training Sessions. I'll be pushing your muscles and mindset during these sessions.

Note: Due to COVID-19, I wasn’t able to lift heavy weights but I was using kettlebells and doing bodyweight circuits at home. Therefore, I can’t relate to the fitness benefits of CBD oil after a strength training workout.

If you’re interested in trying New Garden’s CBD Oil, you can get 20% off using my discount code Paulina20 for all of their product including cosmetics. I hope you love it as much as I do! And don’t forget to let me know your experience with CBD oil.


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